Dankoff Solar Force piston pump for 24 VDC battery systems, 5.9 GPM

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The Dankoff Solar Force piston pump draws water from a shallow well, spring, pond, river or tank. It can push water uphill and over long distances for home, village, irrigation or livestock uses. It can use power from storage batteries to fill a storage tank or to pressurize water. The maximum suction lift of the pump is 7.6 meters at sea level with 140 feet maximum vertical lift. For every 1,000 meters of elevation, the pump loses 1 meter of suction lift. For example: If your elevation is at 2,000 meters, the maximum suction lift of the pump will be 5.6 meter. It's always best to limit the suction lift as much as possible. By placing the pump closer to the water source, it will run more efficiently and quietly. This pump can tolerate dirt and dry run conditions. It also has a mechanical drive capabilities if your solar system fails. It allows you to use the pump with a hand-lever or an engine.

Type Piston pump
Flow rate 18.7 to 22.3 LPM (varies based on the vertical lift)
Voltage 24V
Protection Tolerates dirt and dry run conditions
Life expectancy 20 years, with 5 - 10 year maintenance intervals
Note (1) 7.6 meter maximum suction lift at sea level
Note (2) Maximum vertical lift of 42.7 m (18.7 LPM flow rate)
Note (3) Intake fitting: 3.2 cm (1¼") female pipe thread
Note (4) Outlet fitting: 2.54 cm (1") female pipe thread
Width 33 cm
Height 60 cm
Depth 56 cm
Weight 53 kg
Warranty 2 years against defects in materials and workmanship