EHT 100 Watts Wind Generator

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The EHT 100 Watts Wind Generator is the most efficient wind turbine available on the 100W wind market.   It can actually produce up to 140 watts. This vertical axis wind turbine uses advanced counter-rotating vane design to capture wind from all directions. It requires minimal cut-in wind speed and lower initial torque to initiate the generator. It needs less wind to maintain generator rotation, making it the leading wind turbine/generator system for sailboats, camping, home, cabin use, telecommunications sites, pumping water, lighting, charging phones and computer, etc.

The 100 watts generator features numerous never seen capabilities:

  • Silent operations, no turbine noise and no humming
  • No vibrations
  • Low RPM - Energy production between 60 to 75 RPM
  • Electrically braked turbine
  • No gears and no moving parts = Low maintenance (Read NO maintenance)
  • No RF interference / 13 Hz at peak RPM
  • Does not obstruct GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) i.e. will not interfere with cellular networks

Great for emergency use when electric grid is down. Think about this: During a storm, there's always wind and now you can use it to provide power. You can easily cascade these wind turbine to increase energy generation, based on your needs.

The EHT 100 Watts Wind Generator produce 3 phase AC power, which is rectified to either 12 or 24 Volts DC. (The rectifier is located in the base which holds the generator) Add a small inverter, controller and a battery and you are now autonomous.

Power output 100W
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC
Note (1) Startup wind speed: 4.2 km/h
Ambient temperature No restrictions
Dimensions Wind Vanes are 55 inches tall
Weight 22kg
Warranty 10 years