Laing pump for radiant floor, 12-24VDC, 14.5', 7G/m, 110°C, 150psi

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This Laing Thermotech pump wetted parts are made of brass, 316 stainless steel, thermoplastic, carbon and ceramic for superior corrosion resistance. The high density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap are designed for high efficiency and long life. The impeller is highly efficient and dynamically balanced with carbon bearing for smooth ultra quiet operation. The casing is of brass volute type construction.  Its unique patented design has no mechanical seal which eliminates this potential leak path.
Its highly efficient EC (electronically commutated) spherical motor design makes it ultra quiet and efficient. This pump is designed for continuous operation and all ratings are within its working limits. The unit has an embedded microprocessor control which is self regulating and available with variable speed with PWM input or dial control (potentiometer) on the pump. This is a whisper quiet, less than 40 db. pump which weighs less than 2lbs.

Specifically designed for the following uses: Hot water circulation, radiant floor heating, liquid transfer, solar applications and general purpose pumping


Max Capacities: 7 GPM

Max Head: 14.5’

Pipe Connections:

½” FPT and ½”  Sweat Suction and Discharge / ½” Union Connection

Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI

Maximum Temperature: 230° F

Rotation: Counter clockwise when viewed from the motor end


Canned Spherical Type Motor

8-25 Volt DC

Automatic Overload Protection

Low In-Rush Current