Thermal Wave DC Furnace - 10 kW (48 Vdc)

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The Thermal Wave DC Furnace is a 'Whole Home System' that can effectively provide all heating and hot water requirements. No need for a separately powered, energy consuming hot water tank. The water flows into a hot water holding tank, providing the homeowner with more than ample hot water for showers, washing machines, dishwashers and all other household needs. The DC System is scalable and simple to install since it is plumbed directly into existing or standard plumbing. It truly provides unlimited hot water for the household. For the retrofit of hydronic systems you can replace a 20 kW traditional furnace with a 10 kW Thermal Wave DC Furnace. This means this technology enables the production of the same amount of heat by using significantly less energy. For forced air systems, independent third party testing has shown energy savings of 40%. This

DC Features:

  • Closed loop configuration is extremely effective for both hydronic and forced warm air applications
  • Since the heating chamber is DC based, the system can be energized by an off-grid wind and solar hybrid system controlled by a battery management system or partial hybrid version, without batteries, with the electric grid and a rectifier as a backup to enable households to run off the electrical grid, as required.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Produces clean comfortable heat with no internal combustion
  • No venting required reduces installation costs and there isn't any loss of heat through external venting
  • Easy to install


  • CSA approved
  • 24 or 48 Volts DC
  • Available in 240 Volts AC